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Tree Removal...

Lance oversees the removal

Phoenix Tree Removal is known for its masterful techniques in successfully removing trees of all sizes that are located in difficult surroundings.

Houses, buildings, fences, and other infrastructures are carefully considered and incorporated into the tree removal plan. Using proper techniques and equipment, we can remove trees of all sizes quickly, safely, and efficiently. When we're done, you won't even know the tree was ever there. Call us at 480.232.0633.

Stump grinding...

Stump grinder

Stumps of any size can be removed by utilizing a stump-grinder.

Our state of the art compact stump grinder can maneuver through even the tightest positions to remove a stump from a minimum of ten inches below the soil surface. Stumps are ground 3-4 inches below grade with grindings being either neatly raked back into the "hole" or removed.

Our stump grinder is environmentally friendly and precise.

Lot beautification...

Clean up time.

Upon completion of removing the tree, we will remove all brush and run the limbs through a powerful chipper. Oversized pieces of the trunk will be removed and hauled off.

With precision and efficiency, your landscape will become brighter and clearer by the hour.

Our finishing touch will include a thorough raking and the appearance of a cleaner yard than before we started.